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About Languages Made Easy

Languages Made Easy has been providing teachers language resources since 1996

Languages Made Easy has made its popular language resources available to Australian, New Zealand and International Schools, with positive outcomes in the classroom and reassuring feedback from many customers. Languages Made Easy products are used in thousands of primary schools across Australasia. They are also used in International Schools in Australia and abroad.

Languages Made Easy products are in eight popular languages

There are five European (French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish) and three Asian (Chinese (Mandarin), Indonesian and Japanese) languages. Just six of these represent over 90% of language teaching in all Australian schools. A number of products are also available in English language editions to help with English as a Second Language (ESL) and Special Needs requirements. 

Language Programs

K-6 Language Learning

Languages Made Easy was born in 1993

In the mid 1990s government policyrequired schools to adopt language learning at primary level, yet there were no adequate resources. Many teachers found this very difficult, even if they had a solid background in another language. The Languages Made Easy Practical Program series was designed to meet Government policy, teachers' needs, limited classroom time and to keep children interested. The Practical Program series is complemented by a range of audio products to help teachers provide authentic pronunciation models. Blackline Masters are available to aid with language extension and consolidation and Classroom card Games help make the learning process more fun and to encourage children to become more involved.

Languages Made Easy is the brainchild of Tommasina Rodrick

Tommasina is an early childhood trained teacher with an Italian heritage and a background in Spanish. She is the creative talent behind Languages Made Easy. All Languages Made Easy illustrations are by Greg Clift. Greg taught secondary level maths for many years. He combines his background in teaching with artistic flair. Greg is from Wizzmedia, a high tech Australian teaching resource company that has produced a number of maths programmes for export to the UK and North America. Languages Made Easy and Wizzmedia are currently developing a series of multi media language products for Australian and international distribution. 

Languages Made Easy

Languages Made Easy - Our Mission

Languages Made Easy aims to make language education easy, fulfilling and stress-free for the parent or teacher; enjoyable and motivating for the student; and affordable for school or family budgets. We are committed to maintaining a multi-cultural society, and all our products have been designed with this aim in mind. We believe that each and every language is worthy of our support. We are seeking innovative ways to expand our products to other languages and to other customers, both within Australia and elsewhere. 

We are proud of our performance, identity and business ethics. If you wish to confirm our credentials with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) please visit their web site and search for Languages Made Easy Pty Ltd in the National Names Index. You may also search by our ABN (24077206654).

Good & Services Tax (GST)

Languages Made Easy is registered for GST and Tax Invoices are provided with all the products we supply.

Languages Made Easy Mission