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This page has samples of the current Languages Made Easy products in Greek language, so you can quickly and easily assess them before you buy. Our experience is that upon examining the sample resources, teachers will know straight away whether the resources will suit their classes or not. If you have any residual questions though, please contact us for answers.

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Language Programs

We also have free resources for teachers to download. Since we completed our practical series of language program books, way back in 1996, we have provided lesson profiles with all purchases. These profiles show teachers the lesson outcomes they can expect for every one of the 280 lessons provided in the practical language books. And the profiles are designed to work within the Australian national curriculum guidelines for LOTE. If you purchased books from a language bookshop and did not get the profiles, or you no longer have those you were supplied, feel free to get another copy.

Want FREE worksheets for the Adventures of Alexandra? If you've just bought your copy of the Adventures of Alexandra CD you'll want to get your FREE worksheets. Click here to register your purchase and get your FREE resources.

All language samples are in pdf or mp3 formats. NoGreek language sample should take more than a few seconds to download at broadband speeds. When you click to watch the Adventures of Alexandra CD samples in Greek you will be taken to YouTube where you can enjoy Alexandra online.

Special notes about audio files.  If you're interested in native speaker models for Greek vocabulary why not check out our audio samples. They are designed to work with the lessons in the practical language programs. We recommend you download the samples from the Greek practical program and read the lessons as you listen to the audio play.

Problems with downloads? If you're having trouble downloading the language teaching samples or the practical language program profiles please email us, or use our contact us web form. 

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