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The waiting is now over for the Adventures of Alexandra and LOTE at a Moment’s Notice, the two newest members of the Languages Made Easy family.  The Adventures of Alexandra is the result of a huge amount of behind the scenes work from our own Tommasina Rodrick and our old friends Greg Clift and Tim Cox from Wizzmedia.  We are absolutely thrilled to share this series of stories with LOTE and ESL teachers and their students.   

Since 1993 we have been committed to maintaining multi culturalism and acceptance of cultural diversity in Australia.  All our new products reflect this philosophy too.  In designing new products we are determined to support every one of our languages, and to take on new languages where we can.  Watch this space as we announce other languages to join the Languages Made Easy  family.  There may even be other products as well – we can’t let too much out yet!

More than 30% Price Reduction on CD Stories!

Take advantage of our massive price reduction on these four popular animated stories, featuring Alexandra the bunny.  Developed in conjunction with Wizzmedia, these stories are a must for all ages. 

  • 8 language editions, each with an English language option
  • Captivating animations for younger learners and story lines kids can relate to
  • A Painting for Daddy, I’m Bored, Getting Dressed and My Picnic
  • Consolidation of sentence structures and concepts including colours, clothes, animals and food
  • Student follow up activities and worksheets
  • Compatible for Mac and PC system

The Adventures of Alexandra - Preview Samples

Our samples are available to view any time.  Just click on the relevant flag for samples for that language.

LOTE at a Moment’s Notice

This one book is jam packed with creative ideas that will help bring your language or ESL class to life.  There’s 24 themes,148 photocopiable pages and 350 illustrations that will ease your teaching burden and assist the kids to enjoy their classes too.  This resource is for you if you’ve ever found:

  • yourself short on ideas to make learning fun,
  • you’re asked to substitute and need resources right now,
  • you lack the artistic ability to go beyond stick figures,
  • you have one of ‘those’ days, but don’t want to drop your professional guard, or
  • you just want to jazz up your lessons and classroom using ideas that work.

All the ideas and tools in this language resource book have been field tested in the classroom, so you’ll know they work.  You can get this invaluable book in 9 languages (ie our 8 popular languages plus English for English as Second Language (ESL)/Special Needs).   You’ll also get a free CD ROM with all the images from LOTE at a Moment’s Notice, so you can use them any way you like.  Of course, we asked Greg Clift to produce the great illustrations and he’s come up trumps again.

Click here to preview sample.

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